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  • Resina Design - Pavimenti in resina
  • Resina Design - Pavimenti in resina
  • Resina Design - Pavimenti in resina
  • Resina Design - Pavimenti in resina
  • Resina Design - Pavimenti in resina

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a solution or suspension of a creamy consistency that can be applied on an object in thin layers. When dry, it forms a firm and resistant film covering that adheres on the substrate


an insoluble substance for dyeing the substrate in which it is evenly dispersed (plastic materials, paints, inks, resins)


in Greek, this means “many parts”. It is a macro-molecule made up of many monometric units the number of which varies according to the type of polymer and application: from a few dozen to several thousand. The number of monomers that make up a polymer is called the “molecular weight”, one of the variables that most strongly defines the workability and physical-mechanical properties of the polymer


this chemical reaction, which occurs when the base components and hardener are combined, forms a large molecule consisting of many equal parts called monomers or “repetitive units” that make up a chain. This chain is the polymer


polyurethanes are commonly used, particularly in the production of foam. Polyurethane foam can be either firm or flexible. The former type is used in the field of construction and refrigeration and as insulation for vehicles; flexible foam, instead, is used for padding mattresses, armchairs and car seats.


the “useful life”. It is the period of time after two components are mixed when the product can be applied on a surface


a low-viscosity resin product for applying the first coat on a prepared surface. This type of product saturates the pores, consolidates the surface and ensures the perfect adherence of subsequent layers.

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